Matthew C. Desjardins, PE provides geo-civil and geotechnical design services at SME. He is responsible for designing and preparing design plans and specifications for various types of earth retention systems, including segmental-block (MSE), natural stone, auger cast-in-place (ACIP), soldier-pile and lagging (SP&L), and steel sheet pile retaining walls. Matt also undertakes both shallow and deep foundation design, and designs and prepares design plans and specifications for specialized geotechnical systems such as soil grouting, underpinning and shoring, as well as dewatering systems. Matt has 21 years of experience and is a registered Professional Engineer in six states (Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Iowa) and one territory (Puerto Rico). He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mining Engineering and a Master of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering.

Although Matt also provides project management expertise in the area of more traditional geotechnical engineering topics, his focus and interests lie in geo-civil/geotechnical design and slope stability issues. Matt strives to provide cost-effective solutions and designs to difficult and/or complex geotechnical problems. He also enjoys looking for opportunities to save his clients' time, money and resources on a project by providing a reasonable alternative solution to a particular geotechnical and/or design-related issue that has been brought to his attention.

Matt considers himself a “troubleshooter” and has a knack for finding resolutions to project-related issues that others could not solve or were told simply couldn’t be done. One problem he is best at resolving is designing earth retention and shoring systems where difficult soil conditions or space limitations limit an engineer’s options, particularly in the rehabilitation of existing structures.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys hockey, martial arts and skiing. He is also a budding fabricator (welder). However, if all else fails, you will likely find him relaxing at his cottage with his family.


Turnkey services provided on an expedited schedule

The discovery of a failed steel plate culvert structure on a University's main campus conveyed a drainage stream 40 feet below the roadway was in need of immediate replacement.

Renovation and conversion of historic office building

Renovation project restored the character of the historic David Whitney Building and converted it into an upscale hotel, apartment and retail complex.