Welcome to our new website!

06.11.15   Debra K. Osuch, REM | More by this Author

Welcome to our new website!

On the heels of our celebration of 50 years of SME heritage we brought our firm into the next 50 with a complete rebrand. One of the most exciting components is a fresh website.

There are a ton of resources to check out:

  • Insights - Come often so you don’t miss out on our latest blog.
  • Presentation menu - See what kind of presentation our SME team members can offer your organization.
  • Technical reports - One-stop-shop for all of our expert’s technical publications. Feel free to download them.    
  • News- All of SME’s goings-on will be available.        
  • Social media- Our team members are waiting for you to connect with them on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter. Check out SME on these platforms.
  • Details of our services– We offer so much here, we made it easy to digest for you.
  • Representative projects– SME has contributed to over 85,000 projects during our 50 years and we’re showcasing some of the highlights right here.
  • Photos – Everyone loves a good photo.
  • Contact us– Easy to use and find contact information for our experts.

Come on in and click around!


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