Our New Clothes

03.05.15   Debra K. Osuch, REM | More by this Author

Our New Clothes

We are thrilled to share with you our rebranded logo and shortened name. Our first 50 years we were Soil and Materials Engineers, Inc. but our name didn't reflect the broad services we offer and hey, it was a bit of a mouthful. From now on we are SME.

A bit about our logo:

  • The nautilus shape illustrates our blend of technical expertise and concern for the environment.
  • The yellow and red colors represent the passion SME brings to the table.
  • The shades of blue represent the variety of expertise we have.  
  • As the basis of the new logo, the nautilus connection showcases taking natural materials and converting them into strong structures; similar to the contribution SME brings to projects.

Updated brand collateral has been in the marketplace since March 1, 2015. A revamped web presence, including a renovated website and the creation of Google+ and YouTube pages, is ongoing and will be unveiled in the coming months. STAY TUNED!



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