multi-service engineering and consulting firm

SME offers a wide range of services for every stage of the project life cycle.


From acquisition and design through construction, operation, maintenance and restoration.

With specialists in geotechnical engineering, environmental sciences, building materials, pavement engineering, construction engineering and monitoring and more, we can help you achieve your vision and drive your projects to success. We are able to see beyond the surface of issues, asking the right questions, and anticipating how a service or solution will impact the specific project and overall facility or infrastructure operations.

But our value lies not just in what we can do; but how we do it. Time and again, our clients say our big-picture thinking leads to innovative yet practical solutions that deliver them long-term savings and lasting value.


Our Cores

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Performance Principles


We must own our commitments - to tasks, projects, clients, job, self and SME. Our personal commitment to own our responsibilities will motivate other team members to care and take ownership of their responsibilities.

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Along with ownership comes the need for each of us to accept individual responsibility for our work, our team, and our technical and professional growth. Shared responsibility means that no one is responsible.


Paying attention to details is a critical part of everyone’s job and is critical for our success and the success of our clients. Avoid the tendency as we become more comfortable in our work or move to higher levels of responsibility, to think we no longer need to be concerned with details. PRIORITIES To properly manage our responsibilities and schedules, we must set priorities. This means applying self-discipline to ensure our focus is applied where and when it is needed and valued. We also must be willing to prioritize and say “no” before jeopardizing quality, reputation or relationships.


Awareness, open communication, and diligence are key components for knowing what’s going on with our clients, projects and organization. Open lines of two-way communication are critical. Both the sender and receiver are responsible to verify accurate and effective communication.