Safety Matters Every day


Here at SME, Safety Matters Every day — on every project, with every team member, every time, everywhere. Safety is not just our policy; it’s what we do and who we are.

All of our team members share responsibility for safety: managers, team leaders, group leaders, technical staff, drilling personnel and administrative professionals. We are ONE|SME, and we work together toward elimination of work-related injuries, illnesses, health hazards and accidents.

safety program

We designed and implemented a continuing safety program to promote safety awareness and safe work practices.

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work environment

We encourage and maintain a safe and healthful work environment.

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continuous training

We provide training that helps team members prevent injuries and accidents.

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special equipment

We provide special equipment to protect our team members against job-related hazards.

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The success of SME’s safety program is dependent upon the individual efforts of each and every team member. We’re proud to say that safety is not sacrificed for productivity. Safety considerations are taken into account on every project. We follow safe work practices and use common sense.

Why do we practice safety at all times? Why does safety matter every day? Because we don’t want to see anyone get hurt! The health and welfare of our team, our clients, our partners and all their families is always a top priority.

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Safety Leader

Mark Halloway, OHST
Corporate Safety Director

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