R. Charles Ireland, PhD, PE, has been a practicing structural engineer for 32 years. Most of his experience has been derived from building design and renovation projects but he has been a consultant to fabricators, erectors, and building owners. In addition, he has performed numerous field investigations to resolve construction problems, performed structural assessments, and forensic and accident investigations, and served as an expert witness. He has been the structural engineer of record on commercial, industrial, and institutional building projects as well as for large custom residential homes, and historical structures. He has also managed structural investigations involving concrete and steel bridges, precast concrete decks, concrete parking structures (both cast-in-place and precast), and one precast concrete tunnel.

Since joining SME, Dr. Ireland has been a senior consultant focusing on structural issues affecting historical and contemporary building and non-building structural systems. He is able to explain technical issues confronting his clients in clear and unburdened terms and provide realistic solutions to complex structural problems.

Dr. Ireland is a registered professional engineer in eight states and the District of Columbia. He also occasionally teaches structural engineering classes as an adjunct lecturer. He is a member of the American Institute of Steel Construction and Structural Engineers Association of Southeast Michigan. He is affiliated with the International Masonry Institute, Michigan Institute of Masonry, and The Masonry Society.

In his free time, Dr. Ireland enjoys spending time with his family, including fly fishing with his sons. He volunteers his time with Detroit improvement related activities and his local historical society and enjoys local and U.S. history.


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