Daniel O. Roeser, PG
Chief Marketing Officer
Regional Vice President
Daniel O. Roeser, PG leads the Plymouth, Detroit and Shelby Township regional teams in civil engineering design and construction including geotechnical, environmental, construction materials and facilities engineering. He manages a variety of multi-service urban redevelopment projects from the site selection and acquisition phases to the grand opening. His professional services expertise includes Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Geotechnical Assessments, Brownfield Financing, Baseline Environmental Site Assessments (BEAs), Due Care Services, Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Consulting, expedited Underground Storage Tank (UST) removals during construction, evaluation of earthwork challenges, and assisting the development team with brownfield incentive programs. A licensed Professional Geologist with 34 years of experience, Dan has been with SME for 25 years.

Dan finds it engaging and exciting to change a property or building that is not useful into a useful and beneficial site for a community. He is driven by the opportunity to help a client solve a problem whether it’s repurposing contaminated land or dilapidated buildings, turning defunct properties back into useful and successful properties. Dan is sought out and known for his ability to help build project teams not only with individuals but with multiple engineering and environmental companies to win larger transportation projects, and then help the group work as a team during the project to deliver results to our transportation clients.

Dan feels he is at his best and in his element when helping the civil design, geotechnical and environmental teams work as one on a project to ensure that we are integrating the combined knowledge and bringing it all to the design platform. When this information is not integrated during the design phase, we often discover that the cost of earthwork is significantly elevated. By strategizing during design we can design the project to reduce environmental and earthwork cost. Resolving the environmental and bad soil challenges during the design phase costs a lot less than dealing with the problems during earthwork

Dan spends a portion of his time outside of work serving on the ACEC Ohio Transportation Committee.