Paul E. Anderson, PE provides geotechnical engineering services including preparation of geotechnical evaluation reports to address shallow and deep foundations, earth retention systems and other related geotechnical concerns. With 13 years of experience, he performs geophysical evaluations including vibration measurement and analysis, MAM/MASW (microtremor array measurements/multichannel analysis of surface waves) seismic surveys, as well as electrical resistivity surveys. He also provides field engineering services related to shallow and deep foundations, subgrade evaluations and specialized project assignments. Paul holds BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Paul is driven by the opportunity to use his experience to help clients solve challenging problems. He strives to develop geotechnical recommendations that bring value to a project, saving the client money. Paul is sought out for a wide range of geotechnical projects including deep foundations, design of drilled piers and retaining walls, and geophysical evaluations. Paul is adept at relaying to his clients in clear and specific terms how the subsurface conditions at a project site can impact the proposed development.

When not busy helping clients, Paul, a northern Michigan native, enjoys spending time outdoors in all seasons, instilling the love of northern Michigan in his children as he has had his whole life. Paul and his family enjoy cross country skiing, cycling, swimming and sailing.


ARAUCO Grayling Particleboard Plant Houses Largest Press

Officially opening its doors in April 2019, ARAUCO’s particleboard facility in Grayling, Michigan houses the largest continuous single-line particleboard press in North America, and the second largest in the world.