Thomas L. Bane, PE
Senior Project Engineer
Building Enclosure Services
Thomas L. Bane, PE has 12 years of experience in building enclosure analysis and design for higher education, healthcare, institutional, commercial, historic, laboratory, hospitality, and residential properties. He manages and works on projects involving building enclosure investigation, design, and restoration. Tom also provides evaluation and consulting for building leakage, horizontal and vertical waterproofing systems, property condition assessments, air and vapor leakage, and building enclosure studies. He has a BS in Civil Engineering and a BA in Physics from the University of Virginia. Tom is a Certified Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Remote Pilot and is a registered Professional Engineer in Indiana and California.

Each day he strives to gain client’s trust and respect, and to be better than he was the day before. Tom has extensive experience in building enclosure commissioning and forensic investigations. He developed skills in these two areas because they reinforce each other. In building enclosure commissioning, Tom provides recommendations on new construction projects based on the failures he has seen in his forensic investigation projects. In forensic investigation projects, he is better able to identify and understand the central failure because he has knowledge of the construction methods and challenges faced in the field during construction

He has a knack for assisting with moisture accumulation within walls and roofs and helping clients when they are unable to identify the source of the moisture. He can look at a space holistically and understand how various potential issues may or may not be contributing to the problem. He has the keen ability to understand likely contributors, systematically review each condition, measure or estimate its contribution to the issue, and then put it all together to determine various mitigation methods to resolve the problem in a cost-effective manner.

Tom likes to spend his free time travelling, visiting family, and hanging out with his wife, Sally, and young son, Nathan.


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