Employee Spotlight: Aaron Reed


Employee Spotlight: Aaron Reed

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Why did you choose this profession?
Engineering have always been something that interested me growing up. I remember watching shows like “Modern Marvels” on the History Channel and thinking how I would like to someday be involved with a project worthy of making an episode.

What project are you most proud of? Why?
One of the projects I am most proud of is a residential project I worked on in 2019. The complexity of the project or the solutions we provided are not what makes the project stand out, but how we satisfied the client’s needs. In a survey the client turned in after the project was completed, the client stated, “We feel very confident knowing we will be making the correct decisions based on your report. When you do a build, the most important thing is a foundation to build upon. Thanks to Aaron Reed and SME, you given us a very detailed report along with guidance answering our questions. Thank you.” I have this survey printed out and taped to my bulletin board to remind myself how I can impact a client beyond just writing a typical geotechnical report.

What is the biggest challenge you have solved for a client? How?
A construction manager came to us with a project site that a client was looking to develop where deep, uncompacted fill was present due to a past environmental remediation. A previous geotechnical engineering firm recommended the fill be removed and replaced with engineered fill. We were able to come in, perform some additional geotechnical field exploration and provide an alternative ground improvement solution that saved the owner hundreds of thousands of dollars and kept the project feasible for the owner.

What is on your desk?
Various project plans and boring logs are usually always scattered across my desk. There is usually a coffee cup by my keyboard from that morning. I also have a bulletin board with recent pictures of my wife and son that I update on a semi-regular basis.

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