Employee Spotlight: Jessica Thiebout


Employee Spotlight: Jessica Thiebout

Passionate People Building and Revitalizing Our World. This is who we are. SME's Employee Spotlights provide a glimpse into the passions that drive our team members to build a better world.  

What project are you most proud of?  
The project I am most proud of was a hospital re-skin project in which I was able to participate on the design team during the re-skin project development. The building was in a coastal region and the cladding ties and reinforcing was experiencing corrosion causing some potentially hazardous conditions. As part of a campus revitalization, the hospital administration opted to re-skin the building in lieu of perform isolated repairs. I enjoyed this project because not only was I part of solving the specific problem of the deteriorated exterior cladding, I was able to work with the hospital administration and a multi-disciplinary design team to revitalize the building.

What motivates you to come to work?
Scuba diving, sky diving, jeep parts, bee keeping supplies, Europe train excursions, Australia outback, South American Festival, African photo safari, and Whiskey tours in Scotland.

What has been your greatest adventure?
I showed up at the Frankfurt airport, age 17, not speaking the language but refusing to fly back home when the person that was supposed to be meeting me failed to show. Then I managed to catch two trains to get to the town she lived in and couch surf through Germany and Denmark for three months before returning to the US.



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