Employee Spotlight: Mitch Cline


Employee Spotlight: Mitch Cline

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What motivates you to come to work?
Problem-solving and multi-tasking really gets me jazzed – the more projects I’m involved in, the better!

What project are you most proud of?
The project that I am most proud of is a long-term groundwater and soil monitoring/remediation project in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. The project included many challenges – a large footprint, steep terrain, fire and biological dangers, protected wildlife, wild weather fluctuations, dozens of monitoring wells of varying type and depth, hazardous waste concerns, multiple responsible parties, intense public and regulatory oversight – and all placed within an area densely-populated with critical archaeological sites. Coordinating activities at the project was the most intense work I’ve ever completed, but it was also the most satisfying. Friends I made and experiences I had at that site will last for the rest of my life.


What is on your desk today?
My desk is an organized conglomeration of work and play to keep me balanced throughout the day – there are print-outs of IDEM screening levels for quick reference, as well as photos of my beautiful wife, son, and dogs. The dual monitors let me multi-task while minimizing paper usage, and sitting underneath is the stuffed Cy (Iowa State mascot) to remind me of my alma mater and that the underdog treasures success more than those whose success was assumed. The desk phone lets me connect with coworkers and clients, and the framed photo of favorite past coworkers mounted on the wall reminds me of those that have influenced me in the past. And the cephalopod fossil and cube of banded iron formation (BIF; ask me about it!) each remind me how much I love geology and learning.

What is your hidden talent?
It’s not weird or unusual, but I’m a fairly accomplished singer. I was a 4-year all-state singer in high school and sang in the Iowa State Singers in college (top mixed choir at Iowa State). I have also been known to win a karaoke competition every now and then.


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