Fall for Land Surveying

10.12.18   Kirt M. Andersen, PE | More by this Author, Fredd R. Ziobron, PS | More by this Author

Fall for Land Surveying

Autumn has settled in across the Midwest. The falling leaves not only make the brisk days beautiful, but believe it or not, they make survey mapping less difficult. Performing ground and aerial survey mapping this time of year creates an opportunity to get bigger bang for your buck! Make it a point to capture valuable data quickly during these next few months, before the snow and falling temperatures slows things down again.

Professional land surveying requires the area being mapped to be visible for data collection and proper location of key items. As the leaves drop, aerial mapping becomes more cost effective as it can capture large areas in a short amount of time. The leaf-off condition during autumn months also makes tree surveys or survey work in high vegetation area easier to perform, saving time and money.

Drone Aerial Mapping

SME’s surveying team can provide a variety of ground and aerial mapping services that may be required for approaching winter projects:

  • Drone Aerial Mapping – best for 1-20 acre open sites that require less critical vertical information.
  • Aerial Mapping – best for 20-20,000 acre sites that require less critical vertical information.
  • Ground Occupied Robotic Total Station with Laser Scanning – best for 1-50 acre sites that require precise horizontal and vertical information.


Ground Occupied Robotic Total Station with Laser Scanning

The window of high efficiency for land surveying will close once the snow hits the ground. Survey work can be performed in the snow, but it isn’t ideal. The cold temperature can wreak havoc on equipment batteries and clearing ice and snow to perform measurement such as a top of curb or found property makes the process more time consuming and complex. Take advantage of prime conditions and schedule your land surveying work now…fall for land surveying while the leaves are doing the same!

For more information about ground or aerial mapping, and to capture your survey data while conditions are right, contact Kirt Andersen, PE or Fredd Ziobron, PS.

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