Rockford Construction Headquarters

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Rockford Construction Headquarters

SME contributed to the renovation of a former automotive manufacturing plant on Grand Rapids' Westside for reuse by Rockford Construction as their corporate headquarters. The $10 million effort involved converting approximately 90,000 square feet of industrial space into commercial office space, as well as adding mezzanine levels. The brownfield site presented several challenges that were overcome to result in a fabulous redevelopment, including:

  • Asbestos and lead paint in the existing building materials, which were removed prior to construction;

  • Contaminated soils, which were properly disposed of off-site to support safe reuse;
    Soils that were not suitable for the new building loads; which were replaced with more suitable fill;

  • The poor condition of existing floor slabs, which required reinforcement and protective coatings; and

  • The projected increase in redevelopment costs due to the environmental condition of the site, which SME helped overcome by applying for and securing grant dollars to make the project more economically viable. 

SME lent value-added expertise through multiple stages of the project. From site acquisition through design and construction, we had all hands on deck utilizing tech-savvy team members from across multiple spectrums of expertise to answer the call for help:


Environmental Services

SME provided due diligence services to support site acquisition and brought money to the table to help cover the cost:

  • Secured $60,000 in EPA brownfield funding;
  • Prepared a Brownfield Plan to use tax increment financing to cover over $2 million in costs for asbestos abatement, due care activities, demolition, and site preparation; and
  • Wrote a $1 million Community Revitalization Program grant to fund costs associated with construction.
  • Conducted an environmental concrete evaluation, performed a due care evaluation, and prepared concrete coating specs and monitoring.

Geotechnical Services

SME conducted soil borings, groundwater testing, analyses of soil and groundwater conditions, engineering calculations, and provided options and recommendations to address the challenging subsurface conditions.


Construction Materials Services

SME performed structural steel testing, foundation subgrade and concrete testing, masonry and fireproofing testing.

SME's services resulted in securing over $3 million in funding and additional project savings of nearly $250,000 related to unparalleled earthwork recommendations. 

To discover how SME can help your next redevelopment project be less daunting and more economically viable, give us a call at (800) 837-8800. 



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