Quick Response from Trusted Advisors Improves Safety and Saves Time

12.09.15   Tiffany D. Vorhies, NACE CIP-2 | More by this Author

Quick Response from Trusted Advisors Improves Safety and Saves Time

After an automotive manufacturer identified a crack in a conveyor support truss at one of its highest volume plants, they hired a company to repair the issue. Following completion of the work, the manufacturer hired SME to review and ensure there weren’t any additional cracks or deficiencies in the other trusses and supporting components.

With only a couple days’ notice, SME mobilized a qualified team to visit the plant on a holiday weekend. A pre-review walk through was scheduled upon arrival to review the situation and plan the inspections for the following day. During the walk through, our staff identified a main load carrying member that was near complete failure. This observation by SME made the plant realize that there were immediate safety issues as well as larger system issues at hand, and the plant was immediately shut down and production halted for safety concerns. Our team rose to the challenge and began an in-depth review of the complete system earlier than planned.

Shear crack on vertical support.          Clearly visible crack.                    Crack below the plate.

The SME team spent the next 24 hours climbing the steel, identifying and marking failures, and communicating failures to the structural engineers to facilitate quick repairs and determine immediate versus non-immediate needs. Immediate repairs were completed so production could start on time the following Monday morning. SME continued to work alongside contractors for five subsequent weekends to verify completion of the needed repairs. SME was then asked to review similar systems within the plant and perform reassessments of repaired areas at determined intervals to confirm elimination of system failures.

Because of SME’s quick response and ability to mobilize a highly qualified team on short notice, the plant was able to make sure safety concerns for its staff were addressed and corrected, while minimizing the production down time. Accommodating the needs and schedule requests of clients without compromising quality is one of the core values SME takes pride in.

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