The Importance of Mockups


The Importance of Mockups

Time after time, consultants, engineers and inspectors see issues of miscommunication, improper specification and product compatibility. Moreover, we see it far too late in the project. Most of the time, these costly mistakes could have been avoided with… a mockup! Many aspects of a project could benefit from a mockup  - masonry, building envelopes, roofing, coatings, and more.

Due to copy and paste errors, inexperience or a variety of other reasons the specifications and drawings are not always 100% reliable when to it comes to what you will see in the field. Often the lack of a mockup can lead to a stack of RFIs and rework. 

When installing systems that are more complicated, the order in which products go in can be confusing. This can be especially true with “new” products. A mock up to verify the sequence can be very helpful. This is also where we can verify lap lengths, cure times for adhesives and get on the same page for visual expectations.

We always recommend a simple compatibility mockup when it comes to coatings and adhesives. Not only the products themselves, but substrate conditions, methods and other environmental factors to confirm real world outcomes.

We often perform critical testing during the mockup to verify things like adhesion and cleaning methods, and pull tests for coatings, adhesives and sealants.  This is especially useful for destructive testing. We can get data from the mock up without damage to the final product. 

Example of a full-scale roof coating mock-up for a gutter scenario, created prior to the start of the project.

X-cut adhesion testing in a small coating mock-up an an interior column. Testing was performed on the prime and top coats.

Mockup of a cementitious floor product being tested for adhesion/cohesion to verify bond strength and compatibility. 

For more information, contact Christopher Buyle, NACE CIP-3, SFSI.

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