Brownfields can be tough sites to get redeveloped, but SME’s experts can help communities acquire and effectively use brownfield redevelopment funding to incentivize public-private redevelopment partnerships that can accomplish the task. 

For over 20 years, SME and its Brownfield Team of experts have worked with small towns, large cities, counties, regional development authorities and state agencies to encourage and support redevelopment of brownfield sites. SME assists public sector clients in organizing and managing their brownfield programs and economic development toolboxes to attract successful redevelopment projects to local brownfield sites.  

Financial Incentives

Redeveloping brownfields costs more, so to attract development, communities need to expand their economic development toolbox to include brownfield incentives to help developers offset those costs and make the project financially viable. SME has worked with over 50 units of government and economic development agencies to build and finance their brownfields programs and reap the benefits of over $1.3 billion in successful redevelopment projects.

SME has helped its clients develop and market a cumulative brownfield redevelopment resource pool of over $150 million to pay for the extra redevelopment costs of environmental due diligence, contamination investigations, exposure mitigation, contamination cleanup, asbestos and lead paint assessment and abatement, demolition and site preparation. We have successfully acquired and used over $43 million in USEPA Brownfields Redevelopment Assessment, Cleanup and Revolving Loan Fund Grants, millions in other federal grants and state brownfield grants and loans, and over $100 million in local and state tax increment financing and state and federal tax credits to stimulate successful developments. And we know how to assemble the right funding package and creatively use the money to get the biggest bang for each project.

Public-Private Partnerships

Most successful brownfield redevelopment projects are the beneficiaries of successful public-private partnerships (P3). Public support in the form of brownfields funding and community outreach helps private development be successful, which in turn benefits the community through increased tax revenues, jobs, residential opportunity, and blight and environmental threat elimination, among other things. SME is in a unique position to help nurture and support successful P3 projects. We have supported development/redevelopment projects from the ground up for 50 years, so we really understand the needs and limitations of developers and their projects. Add that to our extensive experience supporting public sector economic development, brownfield financing and community outreach, and we become the ideal partner to help both parties in the P3 relationship work together for success.

SME can further support P3 programs through marketing, community outreach and education. We can help design effective brownfield web sites, printed materials and educational presentations and seminars to market the community and its brownfield program and sites. These same efforts can also be focused on engaging the public and raising their awareness.

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