Building enclosure systems are all that stand between your facility and the harsh elements. These systems must protect buildings and the considerable investment that goes into them. That’s why building enclosures demand specialized knowledge from experts who understand each building enclosure component, along with the interconnectedness of the enclosure system as a whole. 

For more than 50 years, SME’s Building Enclosure Services team has been investigating, repairing and rehabilitating building enclosure systems including window systems and wall cladding, vapor and air control systems, roofing systems, and more. We use our expertise to help facility owners address and resolve the complex issues associated with these systems, while safeguarding against leaks, condensation, energy loss and premature deterioration. We help project teams develop enclosures that will protect the Owner’s investment for the long haul. 

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)

BECx is an Owner’s quality assurance and validation process that proactively addresses potential building enclosure problems during the design and construction phases of a new build project, before those issues become costly problems. During this process, SME building enclosure specialists review the materials, details and construction procedures affecting the performance of a building’s enclosure. We identify potential problems and recommend realistic, cost-effective solutions before construction takes place. BECx helps increase the reliability and performance of your building enclosures, helping to prevent premature deterioration or failures.

Management and Planning

SME's Building Materials experts help facility managers and owners properly plan for the maintenance and preservation of building enclosures throughout a facility’s lifecycle. We deliver expert insights and advice on the development of programs for ongoing maintenance and physical plant renewal, regulatory compliance, and changes in building use. We help prioritize and budget your capital expenditures, allowing you to protect and maximize your investments


All waterproofing systems deteriorate over time. In fact, 70% of construction litigation relates to water intrusion through the building enclosure. Our experts help investigate sources of leaks in existing facilities and provide facility managers and owners with expert assessments, solutions, and cost-effective strategies for rehabilitation, restoration and mitigation of future moisture-related problems. 

Vapor Retarders

Vapor retarders are one of the most misunderstood components of a building enclosure. When used incorrectly, vapor retarders can cause an increase in moisture-related problems, which may lead to mold or premature deterioration of walls and other building enclosure components. SME’s Building Materials experts understand the science behind vapor barriers, and we work closely with facility owners and managers to design and implement effective vapor barrier solutions.

Air Barriers

IT is known that 16% of a building’s total energy consumption is lost due to uncontrolled air leakage, making air barriers a critical component in an effective building enclosure system. SME’s experts understand how air barriers work in conjunction with other building enclosure systems. We work closely with architects, engineers, contractors and facility owners to plan for, design and install air barriers to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of enclosure’s air control systems. 


SME’s roofing consultants understand the significant investment owners make in roofing systems, as well as the importance of designing, installing, and maintaining roofs to help safeguard against the potential problems associated with roofing. Our experts perform comprehensive roof evaluations and develop roof management systems to help keep the roof over your head — both literally and figuratively. Learn more about our roofing services

Infrared Technology

SME Building Enclosure Services team uses state-of-the-art infrared (IR) thermographic equipment to identify heat and moisture anomalies and leaks in building enclosure and roofing systems. With the help of this diagnostic technology, we are able to effectively identify and analyze problems and deliver solutions that save owners thousands of hours and dollars.

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