From assessing the condition of building materials, structures and equipment, to identifying causes of failures and developing maintenance, rehabilitation and restoration solutions, the SME Building Materials Group offers comprehensive services to optimize the service life and performance of your facilities, structures and equipment.

Our Building Materials team includes professional engineers, architects and technical staff committed to working with you to proactively address building materials concerns and deliver solutions that can protect your assets and your bottom line.

Every day, our building material experts work closely with developers, facility managers, owners, contractors and construction managers to identify and solve a wide range of building enclosure, building materials, equipment and historical restoration issues. We work proactively to identify and reduce problems before they occur, saving significant costs and time for our clients. SME also provides cost-effective assessments and solutions for existing building and facility materials issues. Ultimately, our goal is to extend the service life and improve the performance of your valuable facility and infrastructure assets, resulting in a lower cost of ownership for you.

Whether your project involves designing a new facility, or restoring or modifying an existing structure, our experts can assist in every step of the process. We can help with selecting appropriate building enclosure materials and systems. Our experts can evaluate and diagnose problems or failures both in the field and in our state-of-the-art laboratory. SME provides practical solutions ranging from maintenance programs prioritized for your budget, to rehabilitation strategies that cost-effectively resolve your toughest challenges.

SME's Building Materials experts bring integrated building system design services to the table providing you with expert recommendations and solutions. We can assist from the evaluation of the problem to identifying contractors and implementation of the project. SME also provides quality assurance services to construction teams in the field.