Need help getting your pavement project constructed properly? While most contractors do the right thing by providing a quality product, competitive bids and tight deadlines, a few contractors may take shortcuts. SME’s engineers and inspectors work with clients and contractors to avoid these issues.

SME works with our clients during all aspects of the construction phase of the paving project to assist in achieving their goals. We can prequalify contractors, prepare detailed plans and specifications, conduct pre-bid and pre-construction meetings, reviewing submittals, monitor the construction activities, and approve payment requests. Our engineers and technicians work with you, our client and the contractor toward successful completion of your projects. Issues may develop in the field that require resolution to keep the project moving – and SME engineers have the foresight and knowhow to develop cost effective solutions to keep projects on schedule and under budget.

Pre-bid Services

SME helps our clients implement their projects by developing detailed plans and specifications that adequately describe what is expected at the project completion. In addition to preparing the project documents, SME relies on its 50 years of history with paving contractors to recommend a shortlist of pre-qualified contractors to our clients. New contractors can be evaluated by conducting a reference check with similar clients and projects prior to adding the contractor to a recommended shortlist. The goal of these pre-bid services is to have qualified contractors that can adequately perform the project and achieve our clients’ budget and time constraints while providing a quality product. Our services include:
  • Conduct reference checks, when required
  • Verify contractor meets client requirements (e.g. union workforce, prevailing wages, safety requirements, etc.)
  • Check bonding capacity
  • Prepare a short list of qualified contractors
  • Attend pre-bid meeting
  • Perform site walk through
  • Issue bid clarifications/addendums
  • Respond to technical questions

Post-bid Services

After bids have been received from contractors, SME conducts a thorough review of the bids to make sure that all bids are balanced. Unforeseen conditions can develop during the construction that could result in financial or contractual issues for our clients. Once our review is completed, SME can conduct or assist in post bid interviews to make sure that the contractor understands the project requirements and incorporated all project requirements in the bid. Our services include:
  • Perform or review a bid recap
  • Evaluate unit prices to make sure that no items are priced inappropriately
  • Review bids against engineer’s estimate
  • Conduct post bid interviews
  • Review project schedules
  • Review schedule of values
  • Make recommendations for contractor selection

Pre-Construction Services

Once a contractor is selected, SME can assist during the pre-construction phase to discuss project details such as site safety, access conditions, construction phasing, and other items that will impact the client’s operations. Our services during this phase include:
  • Conduct a pre-construction meeting
  • Review project submittals including mix designs
  • Review detailed construction schedule and schedule of values
  • Establish lines of communications during construction
  • Review of safety pre-task items
  • Review required permits/assist in obtaining permits
  • Define phasing limits and access constraints
  • Clarify technical items as required
  • Review shop drawings
  • Establish laydown areas

Construction Related Services

SME provides construction administration as well as construction monitoring services during the construction phase to ensure contractor compliance with the project specifications

Construction Administration

SME engineers and inspectors keep track of the project schedule, budget, and pay requests by monitoring the contractor’s progress and effort in the field. Our Engineers and inspectors visit the site on a frequent basis to verify that work is proceeding as planned and to verify that unforeseen conditions have not occurred. When unforeseen conditions arise, SME engineers monitor the unforeseen conditions and provide solutions to keep the project moving. In addition, SME prepares or provides information for our clients to prepare necessary change orders. Our services during this phase include:
  • Approve/mark work limits in the field
  • Maintain adequate project records
  • Review contractor’s progress
  • Review pay requests
  • Issue bulletins
  • Monitor budget vs. project costs

Construction Material Services

Depending on the project specifications, SME can provide Quality assurance (QA) or Quality Control (QC) services on the project to verify the Contractor’s compliance with the project specifications. SME has the qualified staff, field and laboratory equipment to conduct most tests related to pavement construction. Our services include:
  • Monitor pavement removal/demolition activities (existing pavements)
  • Observe subgrade preparation/proofrolls
  • Perform density testing on fill placement
  • Monitor utility installation/test backfill
  • Perform density testing on pavement layers (aggregate base, asphalt concrete layers, etc.)
  • Observe placement of pavement layers
  • Perform testing on Portland cement concrete (field and lab)   

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