The SME Construction Materials Services group is composed of experienced field engineers and engineering technicians who are trained and certified for a wide range of testing procedures for many construction materials.

More importantly, they have significant field experience with many different project types and processes. Beyond testing, reporting and construction monitoring, our experts have the knowledge and practical experience to recommend real-time solutions to problems as they arise in the field, helping to keep your project on track and on budget.

Construction materials testing and engineering services document that materials, construction processes, and workmanship are in compliance with project plans and specification. What’s more, our services deliver peace of mind. SME experts help verify that your construction or infrastructure project will ultimately provide the quality you’re paying for, and the long-term performance you expect.

During the construction phases of a building or infrastructure project whether a new or renovation project, SME construction materials experts can run a full battery of field and laboratory tests, on everything from soil and engineered fill, to masonry and roofing materials, concrete, structural steel, wood, pavement and other specialized materials. We use our field expertise to observe and monitor construction and installation of materials and building systems. And, we handle the necessary record keeping and reporting. We schedule our services cost-effectively, and our electronic reporting of results directly from the site provides the flexibility and responsiveness to meet the needs of your construction timeline.

SME's experts are much more than independent observers and quality assurance professionals. Our field staff work proactively with our experts in geotechnical, pavements, environmental and building materials to anticipate problems with site conditions, construction materials and construction techniques; make real time recommendations to prevent or correct materials and quality deficiencies, and help resolve complex issues that may arise in the field.

To summarize, our practical experience, interaction as part of your team, and ability to address problems early has saved our clients millions of dollars and countless hours, while ultimately providing the quality and success of the projects we monitor.

Construction Materials

Group Lead

Dave J. Hurlburt, PE

Vice President
Construction Materials Services

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