It’s no easy task to get development, redevelopment or rehabilitation projects off the ground and to completion. But with SME’s assistance, developers and owners can avoid problems and unanticipated costs that can derail projects or compromise the performance of the finished structure.

From environmental and building condition due diligence for site acquisition thorough quality assurance and materials testing during construction, SME helps brings your vision to life. On budget. And on time.

Whether developing a new site or redeveloping a brownfield, before a project can take shape, developers need to know what’s happening below ground. The fact is, things you can’t see can cost you. SME provides comprehensive environmental and geotechnical services to assess subsurface conditions, environmental risk, and the viability and constructability of proposed projects. We look at historical and physical data to evaluate how it impacts environmental liability and potential environmental response actions, earthwork, grades, stormwater functions and aesthetic issues. By coming to the project early on, we deliver better project information which leads to more protection for you, realistic bids, and significantly reduced risks and costs down the road.

SME takes the initiative as a full-service redevelopment consultant. We can perform your environmental and geotechnical due diligence; take the lead on brownfield funding, including state and federal grants and loans, tax increment financing, tax credits and other incentives; assess hazardous materials, including asbestos , lead-based paint, mold and PCBs; and design mitigation programs for environmental risks. We can also help you assess and develop rehabilitation approaches for foundations, façades, roofs, pavements and other building components, including for historic structures.

During every phase of new and redevelopment projects, our experts deliver comprehensive engineering expertise. We recommend and design foundations, building systems and pavement solutions that compliment site conditions while meeting project objectives. Our innovative solutions consistently help developers and owners save time and money while providing lasting performance from the structures we engineer.

Finally, SME’s team can support your project through construction, offering complete construction materials testing and field engineering solutions. From planning and financing, through design and construction, SME has the consulting and engineering experts that leading developers’ trust to facilitate successful, profitable, high-quality projects.  

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