To make the grade within the education market, our solutions must balance the interests of educators, students and the community. SME combines extensive green know-how with comprehensive engineering and consulting expertise to meet the education industry’s unique goals and challenges.

The educational landscape has changed dramatically over the years. Scarce resources, wireless networks, instructional flexibility, sustainability and environmentally-friendly design are top-of-mind issues that demand insightful and pragmatic solutions.

For decades, SME has partnered with higher education institutions and K-12 schools to positively impact learning environments. Today, our experts are helping more and more educational institutions achieve sustainability goals and create campuses that teach environmental responsibility by example. Solutions including green rooftops, bioswales and geothermal energy help transform educational sites into natural classrooms that teach valuable lessons while protecting the environment and the schools’ budgets.

Our comprehensive engineering and consulting services for the education market include specialized services unique to school and university settings. Independent facility condition audits and property assessments, environmental investigations and cleanups, hazardous materials management and indoor air quality consulting, buildings and athletic field bleacher studies, geotechnical evaluations of new sites, and renovation and rehabilitation improvement recommendations help our clients make the most of limited resources to maximize land use, buildings and infrastructure. With each project, SME works to engineer safe, clean, well-built and sustainable sites that put our clients at the head of their class.

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