The SME Environmental Team brings to your project more than 30 years of experience helping developers, property owners, local governments and industrial organizations identify and solve a wide range of environmental issues.

We specialize in the environmental aspects of acquiring and developing/redeveloping new properties and old brownfields, investigating and remediating contaminated sites, evaluating and managing regulatory compliance, and assisting with water resources and water supply issues.

Have environmental issues or the costs of environmental responses ever affected your development project, or one in your community? Our experts work closely with private developers and local governments to support land acquisition and environmentally sound development. We facilitate public-private partnerships that have resulted in numerous award-winning, nationally-recognized, brownfield projects. We help local and state governments identify and leverage brownfield funding incentives to attract and encourage redevelopment efforts in their areas. At the same time, we work with developers to secure financial incentives for redeveloping brownfields, as well as cost-effectively address environmental issues that can arise throughout redevelopment projects. And once a development/redevelopment project is in the design phase, our team can identify site environmental problems and develop practical, cost-effective solutions that seamlessly fit into the site use and construction program.

Industrial and commercial property owners and facility managers turn to the SME Environmental Team for guidance and support with investigating and addressing site contamination and environmental management issues. We are proven experts in cost-effective site investigation and remediation of contaminated sites, from gas stations and dry cleaners to energy and manufacturing facilities. Whether exposure mitigation, natural attenuation, source reduction or NAPL management, the SME experts can identify, engineer and implement the right approach for you. And if regulatory compliance is the issue, the SME Environmental Team also offers comprehensive audit services and customized compliance programs to help achieve and maintain compliance, and we can assist with stormwater, air and wastewater permitting needs.

For organizations looking to acquire a business or property, the SME Environmental Team is an invaluable partner. We help identify and quantify environmental issues, liabilities and costs associated with acquisitions, ultimately leading to better business decisions.

Whether you are rehabilitating or demolishing a building, our hazardous materials experts can perform comprehensive assessments to identify asbestos-containing materials, PCBs, lead-based paint, mold and the other hazardous materials that can impact your plans. We can develop exposure mitigation, abatement, and cleanup plans and specifications, then monitor those activities to verify compliance with the specifications and applicable laws and regulations.

As water resource experts, the SME Environmental Team includes hydrogeology experts who perform hydrogeological assessments and water supply evaluations. We can develop complete stormwater, sediment and watershed management solutions.

No matter the environmental need or concern, our experts offer creative thinking and practical, economical strategies for quickly identifying and addressing environmental risks, while furthering your organization’s objectives. Our goal is to help you understand and best plan for environmental issues and needs to avoid costly and timely surprises down the road.