Patients aren’t the only ones that should be well cared for on a healthcare campus. SME offers solutions designed to help the medical industry combat environmental hazards, build and extend facility life, and achieve LEED certification.

Because of the critical and often life-saving work that happens in hospitals, medical centers, ambulatory care centers, and assisted living facilities, every facet of these environments demands increased scrutiny and the high levels of performance. What’s more, with the healthcare industry facing near-constant changes and ever-shrinking reimbursements, the efficiency, sustainability, and performance of facilities is more important than ever.

At SME, our geotechnical, environmental, building materials and pavement experts have helped countless healthcare organizations build, upgrade, expand, and rehabilitate facilities and building systems while saving on construction and materials costs. We have assisted with acquiring and developing new sites, achieving green and sustainable building and materials goals, including playing a key role in the construction of the nation’s second LEED-certified hospital and first LEED-certified parking structure. And we have created and updated restoration and maintenance plans that prioritize facility needs and budgets.

With each healthcare project, our experts understand that schedules and budgets are of the essence, and that facilities must remain fully operational throughout project to continue their life-saving work. We have also circumvented and innovatively resolved problems unique to the industry. From accommodating vibration-sensitive equipment; to foundation support for buildings with adjacent basements or tunnel systems; to hazardous materials concerns such as asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, mercury, PCBs, and medical waste, SME understands the healthcare industry. We engineer solutions that promote sustained wellbeing of facilities, structures, and campuses.