Your structure is only as reliable as the walls that support it. At SME, our Construction Materials Services Team specializes in masonry materials and is well versed in proper wall construction techniques. Through construction monitoring, masonry material evaluations and full scale testing, our experts provide the necessary services for the quality and stability of your project. 

From new construction to rehabilitation work, our masonry experts visually inspect and physically sample and test components of exterior and interior masonry assemblies, including interior masonry fire walls and elevator shaft walls. The SME Construction Material Services Team performs masonry services in accordance with applicable building codes and standards. 

Masonry Materials Testing

We test and evaluate a full spectrum of masonry materials, including grout, mortar, brick and CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit). Taking samples from the construction site, we test grout and mortar mixes for correct proportions and strength. We can test masonry materials including brick, blocks and CMU on site and in our state-of-the-art laboratories to verify adherence to project requirements and specifications.

Infrared Testing

Should questions or concerns arise after construction, infrared testing technology enables our Construction Materials Services Team to quickly and affordably see inside constructed walls with no need to open the wall. This nondestructive testing verifies proper grouting and insulation, as well as proper placement of wall components.

Vapor Barriers

Our experts monitor the application and installation of air and moisture vapor barrier systems on both internal and external walls to confirm that these systems perform as specified to protect your facility and your investment.

Construction Reviews

Through careful field observations, the SME Construction Materials Services Team monitors and verifies proper construction of both internal and external masonry walls and preparation of masonry materials. We assess compliance with plans and specifications and monitor the quality of workmanship. Our team also validates that masonry materials are properly stored throughout the construction phase of a project.

Evaluation and Repair

Through specialty nondestructive and destructive testing, SME can evaluate and recommend repairs, provide repair documents, and monitor repair activities for masonry structures and components.

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