State of Michigan Implements Revised Energy Code


State of Michigan Implements Revised Energy Code

Happy New Code Day, Michigan! On September 20, the new Michigan Energy Code took effect. The previous code was based on the 2007 edition of ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1. In this new update, the State has used pieces from two model codes. The administrative sections are taken from the 2015 International Energy Code, and the technical sections from the 2013 edition of ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1. Additional amendments were also made.
This is a big news for those of us who design building enclosures! In adopting the 2013 edition, the State effectively skipped over ASHRAE’s 2010 edition, so the new code includes numerous new requirements and changes. Prescriptive R-values are significantly up, and U-values are significantly down for all building types in all of Michigan’s climate zones.

By far the most notable change for enclosure design is a requirement that new building enclosures be designed to include an air barrier. The air barrier system must be identified and detailed on the construction drawings. Also, all air barrier installations must be inspected before they are concealed.

The State’s rules covering the adoption of the reference codes and their various amendments can be found here.

If you’re planning a new building, SME’s Building Materials Group can help your project team tackle these new requirements. An independent technical review by our building enclosure professionals will not only reduce the number of plan review comments, but will undoubtedly save you time, frustration and dollars. Contact Eric A. Murrell, RA, CCS, CSI, to start down the right path.