Kudos to our Recently Promoted Team Members


Kudos to our Recently Promoted Team Members

Hard work really does pay off, and the following SME team members are proof. Their dedication to their work has earned them promotions! Join us in congratulating each of them on their accomplishment:

Sara Bals, EIT - Senior Project Engineer 
Derek Blackburn - Assistant Driller III 
Jon Camburn, PE -  Senior Manager I
Katie Darling - Administrative Assistant
Eric Eckler - Manager
Mark Halloway, OHST - Senior Manager II
Jeremy Hugo, PE - Senior Manager I
Megan Jacobs, PE - Senior Manager I
Errol Gilbert, Jr. - Coordinator
Gus Kurdi - Senior CADD Specialist
Brendan Lieske, PE - Project Engineer
Kim Looman - Manager
Ron McClow - Senior Manager I
Melessa Michael - Senior Administrative Assistant
Jason Nance - Assistant Driller III
Erika Norman - Accounting Specialist
Debra Osuch, REM - Senior Manager II
Charlie Pakkala - Tech IV
Jami Sentz - Manager
Rhonda Shelton - Manager
LaShumbra Singleton - Accounting Specialist
Agnes Taylor - Senior Staff Geologist
Brennan Thorn, EIT, SMSI - Senior Staff Engineer
Wade VanBuren - Tech IV
Louella Veasey - Accounting Specialist
Ann Winegar, PG - Senior Project Geologist
Michael Yergin, CHMM - Senior Staff Specialist

Debra K. Osuch
osuch@sme-usa.com / (586) 405-3669