Across town, across the Great Lakes Megaregion, and even across the globe, you can see SME’s signature on the places in which we live and work. From high-rise buildings to retail centers, brownfields, highways, bridges, airports, hospitals, schools, manufacturing plants, power plants, communication towers and waterfronts, SME has been shaping our world for five decades.

SME’s story started in 1964 with the vision of one highly talented, highly motivated civil engineer. Back then, Kenneth W. Kramer, PE, had a driving passion for building and renovating our world through insightful, economical, and practical engineering solutions. That passion continues to drive our firm today.

Over the decades, Ken surrounded himself with like-minded people. He built a reputation for responsiveness to client needs and quality work. Project after project, Ken and his team demonstrated their ability to add value and improve businesses by delivering creative thinking and pragmatic solutions. SME has created a legacy of ideas and service that save time and money, make our clients' jobs easier and their companies more profitable, and deliver lasting performance.

Growing to meet our clients’ needs.

Through consistent delivery of results, clients that were Ken’s 50 years ago are still SME’s clients today. As those clients’ needs have grown, and as SME’s reputation has brought even more developers, owners, architects, engineers and public agencies to our doors, so have our team, expertise and services have grown too.

Ken passed the reins to his son Mark in early 2002, and SME didn't skip a beat. Our services cover all facets of the environment, the ground, and every imaginable building and construction material to support our clients throughout a facility’s lifecycle.

SME has evolved into one of the leading consulting and engineering firms in the Great Lakes Megaregion, with 12 offices in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. But we remain true to our roots. Fifty-five years later, SME is still a family-run, employee-owned business where the passion, ingenuity, and responsiveness that built our founder’s first successes continue to meet our clients’ needs today. SME is continuing its legacy of unmatched expertise and excellent service, and we are continuing to build and rehabilitate our world — one project and one day at a time.