Do you want to know if you are in compliance with applicable environmental and stormwater regulations or your ISO 14001 environmental management system, to come into compliance, or to simply update and improve your environmental management or compliance programs? SME’s regulatory and management systems experts can help. 

SME provides comprehensive environmental regulatory compliance and environmental management consulting services to support all types and sizes of business, educational and medical institutions, and units of government. Our extensive experience and expertise in regulatory compliance and industry management practices include auditing, compliance program and environmental management systems development, and permitting.


Each SME regulatory compliance auditing program is customized to fit our client’s needs and goals. From general surveys to detailed program audits, we provide you with the appropriate level of information needed to quickly verify program operations, evaluate compliance with every regulatory requirement, or dig deep into the root causes of non-compliance. And our audits are focused not only on the regulatory details, but also on the efficiency of the compliance programs. At the end of the day we will identify deficiencies and areas for improvement, develop cost estimates for corrective actions, and work with management to prioritize and focus future efforts and investment.

SME’s Compliance Team also can help with your ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS). We will perform the EMS internal audits on your behalf and/or perform compliance audits to ensure your EMS is performing up to par with respect to the applicable federal and state environmental regulatory systems.

Compliance Programs

A good regulatory compliance program, whether facility-wide or for a specific area, such as waste management, should fit like a glove – provide minimum disruptions to operations, be easy to follow and be cost-efficient. Unlike consultants that offer cookie-cutter compliance programs, SME’s compliance experts start with a basic program structure containing all the compliance elements, then customize it to fit each client’s specific needs and operational circumstances, including things like facility layout, process and material flows, organizational culture, and staff capabilities and experience.


Many facilities – industrial plants, construction sites, schools and municipalities – need a permit of some kind: air, wastewater, stormwater. SME’s permit specialists can identify those needs and then work with the facility to prepare the proper application and identify steps to prepare for implementation. After a permit is issued, SME works with the facility to implement any operational, structural or procedural changes needed to comply with the initial requirements and then set up programs to comply with on-going monitoring and reporting obligations.

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