SME experts specialize in the investigation and repair of distressed and deteriorated structures, and assessing the performance of materials and systems. We investigate exterior enclosures to repair, restore or upgrade including structural elements.

SME’s consultants, architects and engineers provide expertise in building enclosure and structural material evaluations, maintenance or restoration repairs, and failure investigations. Our clients include current or prospective property owners, developers, contractors or construction managers, attorneys and insurers. 


Covering a wide range of building types and elements, we start with initial project investigation and scoping to determine pre-existing conditions requiring restoration or repair. We develop solution options and priorities by evaluating the importance and condition metrics, impacts of not doing work, along with the facility's needs, use and goals. Stop-gap repairs, major repairs, or total replacement alternatives are considered based on the client’s goals and objectives.

Recognized leaders in the industry, our experts advise clients on evaluation, restoration and repair issues including:

  • Building enclosure water intrusion assessment and mitigation
  • Wall cladding component assessment 
  • Concrete and masonry components and assemblies consulting
  • Expansion joint / control joint design and assessment
  • Building movement and foundation settlement analysis
  • Enclosure air barrier / waterproofing barrier analysis
  • Roofing systems design, assessment and consulting
  • Construction documents technical review 
  • Code compliance analysis 

SME also provides assistance in litigation matters including cause and origin expert reports, depositions, and trial testimony.

Parking Structures, Dams and Other Concrete Structures

SME provides a wide range of services for the assessment and rehabilitation of parking structures, dams and other concrete structures. Our understanding of structure use, construction processes, material specifications and deterioration mechanisms results in effective preservation strategies for infrastructure investment. Relevant services include:

  • Condition assessments
  • Materials testing to support our condition reports and restoration construction documents
  • Identification of conditions which may impact the useful life expectancy of concrete structures
  • Development of repair recommendations
  • Development and implementation of service-life extension programs
  • Prioritization of needed repairs
  • Cost estimates
  • Preparation of design documents
  • Construction monitoring through final occupancy

Historic Preservation

Caring for historic buildings requires specialized engineering expertise and respect for preserving and protecting our architectural history. SME’s professionals consider the historical and architectural importance of buildings and provide historical research, documentation, plus analysis and recommendations based on our findings.

Historic buildings are a combination of unique design, materials, and construction methods and their preservation requires knowledge and empirical expertise covering a variety of classic exterior building materials including slate, copper, and clay tile roofing; masonry; and terra cotta. Familiarity with archaic engineering, past practices and structural systems is important in designing effective building rehabilitation strategies.

SME’s historic building services include:

  • Exterior evaluation and condition surveys
  • Infrared thermography analyses
  • Material testing: wood, slate, copper, masonry, concrete, stone and mortar
  • Steel and concrete nondestructive testing using pulse velocity and ultrasound
  • Metallurgical analyses
  • Video borescope inspection
  • Material selection
  • Design consultation
  • Restoration and conservation project documents
  • Construction phase services
  • Historic reroofing and coppersmith certification


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