Roofing systems are supposed to keep the interior of the building dry, and yet roofing systems are consistently the most neglected part of a building.

SME has provided roof testing and monitoring services to the construction industry for more than 50 years. We provide owners, contractors and facility managers with the necessary information to solve their roofing needs whether it is a new installation, reroofing, or a repair. SME’s professionals are familiar with current roofing types and methods so that a roof system is installed properly and fulfills its design service life. An improperly installed roof can result in premature failure, leakage, interior damage, and voiding of manufacturer warranties. During construction, we monitor the construction process and test materials to verify the roof is constructed in accordance to the project requirements. We can also assist with punch lists and project closeout services, and interface with roofing manufacturer technical representatives.

SME’s roofing services include:

  • Deck and substrate inspection
  • Material inspections
  • Installation monitoring
  • Waterproofing inspection
  • Material sampling
  • Roofing product testing/certification
  • Roof asset management plans
  • Assessments and design development
  • Forensic evaluations and expert witness


Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Services may include:

  • Verifying bitumen and roofing ply types
  • Verifying of materials are from single manufacturer and match approved submittals
  • Monitoring insulation attachment and bitumen dams
  • Verifying proper bitumen temperatures for asphalt and coal tar pitch
  • Verifying proper inter-ply mopping weights and bleed out along ply edges
  • Verifying proper ply side and end laps
  • Verifying proper flashing backer plies, cap sheet and sheet metal
  • Verifying whether a hot bitumen flood coat and aggregate surfacing is required


Single-Ply Thermoplastic Membrane (TPO, PVC, Others) Service may include:

  • Verifying substrate and fasteners using pull-out testing
  • Documenting insulation type, cover board and fastening patterns
  • Verifying materials are from single manufacturer and match approved submittals
  • Monitoring induction welding for membrane attachment
  • Verifying proper adhered or mechanically fastened membrane
  • Test welding
  • Documenting detailing and sheet metal flashings
  • Test seams


Single-Ply Thermoset Membrane (EPDM) Services may include:

  • Verifying membrane color, thickness and reinforcement requirements
  • Verifying attachment type – adhered, mechanically fastened or ballasted
  • Documenting type of insulation and cover board and manufacturer attachment patterns
  • Verifying materials are from single manufacturer and match approved submittals
  • Verifying pre-taped or field seamed requirements with self-adhering materials
  • Observing detailing and perimeter sheet metal

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