Many local municipalities have implemented stormwater utility assessment fees for property owners to off set the increasing costs of repairing existing storm sewer systems, installing new infrastructure, and paying for overflow penalty fines. These fees are typically based on the amount of impervious surface area on the property (pavement, sidewalk, roof, etc.) without regard to how the stormwater is being treated on the property.

SME helps property owners assess their existing site conditions and review assessed fees. Our engineers look for cost effective treatments that can be used on each individual site to help reduce the burden of stormwater fees to the property owner.

Assessment Review

Most fees are based on tax assessment information. Typically, fees are calculated based on mapping software using available aerial imagery to delineate impervious area for each property. The level of quality of available aerial imagery can vary. This affects the accuracy of the measurements. Property owners should take steps to verify that their assessed fees are based on accurate measurements of impervious areas.

SME can validate the impervious areas on your site, review existing stormwater management systems, and determine credits that can reduce stormwater fees

Stormwater Improvements

There are many options to help reduce stormwater runoff and provide stormwater credits. SME evaluates property features and develops feasible options. We work with you to review the cost and effectiveness of the options to develop a program that is the most ideal solution.

SME’s engineers and designers are experienced in a wide array of stormwater management best practices. SME can develop construction documents for planned improvements and provide quality assurance during the installation. Our team is experienced in designing:

  • Pervious pavement systems
  • Rain gardens/bio-swales
  • Green alleys/roofs
  • Stormwater ponds and underground detention

SME will work with you to file forms for requests to review current impervious surface areas being used for fee assessment. We can also assist with applications for credits for planned stormwater improvements.

Long-Term Stormwater Management Options

The goal of any stormwater system is to provide an effective collection and treatment of surface water runoff over time. SME can develop plans and budgets for property owners to maintain their systems.

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