When soil and groundwater are contaminated, the risk for exposure to dangerous chemical vapors threatens the safety of indoor air spaces. These vapor intrusion concerns require the expertise of a knowledgeable team to avoid unacceptable exposures.

SME’s team of environmental professionals perform assessment of soil, groundwater, and soil gas to identify the sources of vapor intrusion, and characterization to determine if remediation or mitigation is necessary to eliminate the threats. Our team is familiar with a variety of mitigation systems and approaches and have strong relationships with installation partners. We have also built a reputation with for our understanding the business and environmental risks, as well as the complex regulatory requirements.

A key to the success of vapor mitigation systems is solid understanding of mitigation theory and the components of building construction. With more than 50 years in the industry, SME’s team examines footings, piping designs, mechanical systems, as well as other aspects of site and the building during design. The result is cohesive, integrated vapor mitigation systems that protect properties for generations to come.    


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