SME’s professionals are experts in investigating, planning, designing and managing projects for water withdrawal for drinking and non-drinking uses, groundwater discharge, stormwater management, and sediment management.

SME provides solutions to protect, enhance, store and distribute water resources for clients in the public and private sectors. Drawing upon our expertise, we assist clients in developing, prioritizing, funding and implementing solutions that address water quality, water supply, waterway and stormwater management issues. Our team of hydrogeologists, environmental engineers, geologists and civil engineers works together to provide integrated solutions for projects ranging from a small, specialized drainage study to large, multi-disciplined water resource projects.

Water Supply Sources

SME provides a full range of water supply services, including identifying and testing source areas for community and non-community drinking water supply, irrigation, production wells for industrial use, and other water withdrawals to protect the purity of reservoirs, aquifers, wellheads, and springs. Whether for adding capacity of replacing a contaminated source, we plan and design solutions that meet complex water requirements to meet clients’ specific needs. We work closely with water users and community representatives to identify and evaluate potential potable and production water sources, including production capacity, water quality and chemical testing. Our groundwater experts also can help communities develop or update wellhead protection programs, identify and evaluate sources of groundwater contamination that threatens drinking water sources, develop protective management strategies, plan for emergencies, and identify new water supply options.

Groundwater Discharge

SME provides hydrogeologic assessments and wastewater characterization to develop discharge management plans for land application of wastewater, lagoons and other groundwater discharges. For land application, we assist with determining application rates (slow rate or rapid infiltration), effluent flow and characterization, loading and resting cycles, and phosphorous absorption. For lagoons, our engineers evaluate site conditions for dike walls, composite liners and base, natural and compacted soil barriers, geocomposite clay liners, flexible membrane liners, and alternative lagoon standards. We also provide groundwater permitting services related to activities such as gravel mining and non-public vehicle wash

Stormwater Management

SME provides stormwater management services that start with runoff at an individual site and extend to stormwater management for the watershed. Our regulatory compliance consultants and stormwater design engineers have diverse stormwater compliance and management experience at industrial, municipal, educational, transportation and development/redevelopment sites. From sampling and monitoring programs, to permitting, to designing management plans and systems, our stormwater experts keep you in compliance easily and efficiently. Our design engineers help developers and owners plan and design stormwater management systems, such as aboveground and underground retention and detention systems and zero- or minimal-discharge management systems, including bioswales, rain gardens and other on-site systems. And if you are storing chemicals or wastes outdoors, we can design operating systems and facilities that will reduce the potential impact on your stormwater runoff.

Sediment Management

SME’s sediment management team of scientists, engineers and other specialists develops effective management strategies to support sediment management projects from initial planning and investigation through design, construction, and operations and maintenance. Our projects range from dredged material management to cleanup strategies on contaminated sites. Through appropriate levels of investigation, modeling and data assessment, SME evaluates organic and inorganic chemical, biological and habitat conditions to establish the nature and extent of risk and determine the optimum remedy or management option for the project. SME has worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and multiple state agencies to develop appropriate plans and procedures for sediment characterization, dewatering and transport methods for managing and disposing of dredged sediments and obtaining disposal approvals, including at federal Confined Disposal Facilities.

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