As a multi-service engineering and consulting firm, SME offers a wide range of services for every stage of the project life cycle, from acquisition and design through construction, operation, maintenance and restoration.

But our value lies not just in what we can do; but how we do it. Time and again, our long-term clients say our big-picture thinking leads to innovative yet practical solutions that deliver them long-term savings and lasting value.

When our clients face complex site and building challenges, they trust us to deliver proven expertise and timely solutions. Whether your issues arise from site acquisition, development or redevelopment; facilities operations and maintenance; or environmental impact; our holistic perspective keeps projects on the right track. With specialists in geotechnical engineering, environmental sciences, building materials, pavement engineering, construction engineering and monitoring and more, we can help you achieve your vision and drive your projects to success.

Our experts bring decades of expertise, advanced technology and strategic thinking to projects, ultimately resulting in insightful, practical solutions. Because of our deep knowledge of the ground, the environment, and building and construction materials, we are able to see beyond the surface of issues, asking the right questions, and anticipating how a service or solution will impact the specific project and overall facility or infrastructure operations. This way of thinking lets us use our rare mix of services and unique perspective to provide strategic, cost-effective solutions for your problems and meet your goals for improved project performance, while saving time and money.

SME services are as practical as they are innovative; built on our extensive field experience and long tenured staff. We respect your schedule and budget, and our clients say we are one of the most responsive consultants in meeting schedules and more importantly understanding your needs. Because SME offers a wide range of integrated consulting expertise under one roof, combined with engineering design services and full-service soil and materials laboratories, we can coordinate services across your project needs, expedite solutions, and reduce costs and hours in the process.

We also have an extensive network of partners and experts throughout the country to assist us with projects wherever you may be. We work with each client to provide the most appropriate approach whether it includes us providing local services or coordinating with a local consultant to achieve your desired results.

SME experts are passionate about helping you achieve your project objectives on schedule and on budget. We offer our integrated services in an insightful and responsive manner to bring your vision to life and deliver the results you expect.

What We Do