Throughout the Great Lakes Megaregion and beyond, SME works closely with critical market segments to engineer, design and rehabilitate sustainable, safe and high-performance facilities and infrastructure. From commercial developments to industrial facilities, from schools and hospitals to public spaces, and from roadways to runways, we improve our communities and our world.

SME’s experts provide solutions that touch virtually every key market — development/redevelopment, education, energy, healthcare, industrial, government and transportation. Because our work has a direct impact not only on our clients’ objectives and bottom lines, but also on the way people in our communities live and work, our experts go to great lengths to ensure the sustainability, safety and performance of our solutions.

We hang off of buildings to evaluate facades. Climb on roofs. Crawl in the tightest spaces to collect asbestos samples. Scuba dive in large capacity tanks or under bridges. Track down mold. Drill and sample the earth. Explore sensitive site conditions. Identify redevelopment risks and challenges. And research pavement everywhere.

No matter the market, SME delivers comprehensive engineering and consulting expertise to support every stage of our clients’ facility development and operation, from site acquisition and design through construction, maintenance, operation and restoration. And we bring insightful, cost-effective solutions to the table to help engineer a better world.

Who We Serve