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Client satisfaction and successful project delivery drives SME excellence.

Listening to our clients and partners drives smarter solutions.


An excellent client experience goes farther than the solution. For SME, we take time to really listen so we can better understand your needs and expectations. This provides us with the insight we need to be your trusted advisor. We employ Client Savvy’s Client Feedback Tool to help obtain your input. This simple tool provides you with another channel to share your thoughts on our services and deliver the additional feedback we need to continue to improve project delivery on future projects with you.


“The SME team goes above and beyond to provide requested services in a very timely fashion. As always, the entire team provides great service from start to finish.”

~ Triangle Associates

“SME has been essential in delivering and managing the Bridge Bundle projects, from fabrication through material testing and reviewing submittals. We rely heavily on SME’s expertise.”

~ RS&H

“We really appreciate your responsiveness and for working with us to meet our needs. Communication was excellent and prompt. The full scope of services was performed timely and professionally. The staff assigned to the project in both the office and the field were easy to work with and very accommodating. Overall, thank you for a smooth process!”

~ Lake Metroparks

SME’s team for the Solanus Casey Project treated our requests with the utmost professionalism and handled all reporting and documentation in a very expeditious manner.”

~ The Albert M. Higley Company

Client Savvy Client Feedback Results*

Customer Satisfaction















*The percentage of respondents that say SME met or exceeded
expectations in each category. September 2022.

Your Feedback Helps Us and Your Future Projects Thrive!

Client feedback on our service improves our relationship with you. From the input we’ve received to date, SME has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 87. As a comparison, brands often considered to have great customer service such as Apple, Nordstrom, and Southwest Airlines generally achieve NPS scores in the 70s. We are proud of the work we are doing to help you succeed and that you continue to share about your experience with us. Thank you.