Providing extensive knowledge and experience to help you understand what’s happening on and beneath the earth

Earth Retention Systems

SME's geotechnical team designs dependable, cost-effective earth retention and underpinning solutions that meet your project needs. Whether permanent or temporary, we design systems for varied applications including excavation shoring, landslide mitigation and permanent retaining walls.

Subsurface Evaluation

Through conventional drilling and advanced techniques, our geotechnical experts thoroughly evaluate soil and groundwater conditions on your site and assess the impact of subsurface conditions on new and existing facilities.

Ground Improvement

Using effective ground improvement technologies and construction methods to enable economical site development and foundation design.

Slopes and Embankments

Slopes and embankments often experience settlement, stability, and erosion problems. Let our team address your most challenging conditions.


Our experienced geotechnical engineers deliver practical and effective recommendations for the appropriate foundation for your project.

Geophysical Assessments

Using geophysical assessments to provide detailed characterizations of the subsurface in environmental, groundwater, natural resource, and geotechnical evaluations.

Groundwater Management

Groundwater management is critical to the success of a project. We have the design and consulting expertise necessary to help address your groundwater concerns.

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