Quality welds and properly installed bolts are vital to the safety of our communities. From fabrication through coatings, we have you covered.

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Structural Connections

Do you have a welded or bolted connection critical to your project’s success? Bolts with specific tensioning specifications? Welds for bridges, tanks, piping, machined part, that need to meet a specific standard or code? Let our AWS certified welding inspectors and ICC certified bolting inspectors review your structural connections for quality.


The preparation and application process for coatings is delicate and should not be overlooked. Minor problems can lead to costly issues later. Let SME's AMPP certified coatings specialists keep your assets protected by providing consulting and inspection services to ensure that they achieve their intended service life.


SME’s ASNT certified staff offer a higher level of quality when your project calls for an in-depth review of welds. Our team is trained and certified following ASNT’s SNT-TC-1A guidelines. We have team members certified in level I, II, and III for ultrasound (UT), magnetic particle (MT), and dye penetrant (PT) to cover the needs of your project.

Metals Lab

SME has several laboratories including a metals lab. Services are typically related to items we are reviewing in the fabrication shops, and include verification of materials, confirming the quality of bolts and anchor rods, and qualifying welders.


SME’s fabrication team specializes in quality assurance reviews for DOT’s and the private sector. From concrete to steel, we can perform all of your fabrication reviews and the associated laboratory tests.


Rails, hangers, and splice connections have all been subjected to in-depth process condition assessments by our steel specialists. Our team conducts thorough evaluations and collaborates with our client's maintenance staff to plan for repairs, maintenance, and adjustments in order to avoid substantial downtime and avoid emergencies.

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