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Let us be your go-to source for DOT verification testing

Our metals and materials lab is your source for DOT verification testing of bolts, welds, and other specialty materials. We regularly perform the following laboratory tests: 

  • Bolt Standards Verification – Dimensions, galvanizing, and reduced cross-section tensile
  • Rotational capacity testing 
  • Load Testing – single and multi-directional 
  • Welder qualification – D1.1, D1.5, and others upon request
  • Weld procedure specification
  • Rebar splice testing


Our metals services don’t just stop there. Our team has tested specialty products, from buoy loading arms to fuel injectors subject to high torque. We also perform specialty material testing to meet your project needs. Some regular and unique tests include: 

  • HDPE pipe testing 
  • Coatings thickness 
  • Tile flatness 
  • Hardness