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Building Enclosures

Your building enclosure is all that stands between your facility and the harsh elements. Enclosure systems protect the building and the considerable investment within it. Our professionals understand each building enclosure component, and its interconnectedness to the enclosure system as a whole.

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)

BECx is an owner’s quality assurance and validation process to proactively addresses potential building enclosure problems during the design and construction phases of a new build project. The goal being to solve enclosure issues before they become costly problems.

Structural Materials

New construction, renovation or a repair, a structurally sound building or bridge depends on professionals with an extensive knowledge of structural systems, specifications, and material properties. Our structural engineering team understands how the different materials support loads and resist deterioration.

Field Performance Testing

Field performance testing allows owners or contractors ensure the workmanship of the product and installation meet expectations. If there are issues, they can be found early to mitigate delays, and avoid disruptions post occupancy. We provide new construction performance testing in accordance with established testing standards for windows, opaque walls, and roofing assemblies.


Our team specializes in the investigation and repair of distressed and deteriorated building enclosures, parking garages, dams, and other structures while assessing the performance of materials and systems.

Concrete, Masonry & Timber NDT

SME’s consulting engineers and certified technicians provide NDT services on a wide range of materials and projects to provide reliable information used for inspection, construction and repair.

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