New Home for Foster Families Navigation & Resource Center

SME is proud to announce that the building that was home to SME’s Bay Region team for the past 20 years is now the home of Foster Families Navigation & Resource Center! SME was able to donate our building to the organization free of charge, giving them the space they need to not only house their offices, but also open a free store for foster children and families and a safe, welcoming space for children entering foster care.

The mission of the Foster Families Navigation & Resource Center is to equip and support foster families to be able to continue this crucial work for years to come. Through mentoring, outreach, resources, and fellowship they can ensure that these families feel supported and uplifted while doing the work they have been called to do.

We are proud of all of the work the organization does for kids and families in the community, and we look forward to seeing the benefit it brings to the community!