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Don’t let fatigued pavements get you down

Evaluation is an important first step in developing an effective management plan for a paving project. SME provides comprehensive pavement evaluation services for parking lots, roadways and airfields.

Our experienced pavement team uses evaluation techniques that include condition surveys (manual and automated), sampling (coring, DCP, Geoprobe®), and nondestructive testing (falling weight deflectometer). Gathering good data helps with the development and design of a cost-effective solution and keep budgets and timelines on track.

SME’s pavement team uses our state-of-the-art laboratories and field equipment to provide all required testing services in-house under the direct supervision of our engineering experts. Comprehensive pavement evaluations may include:

  • Determining current surface and subsurface conditions
  • Determining in-situ pavement layer strengths
  • Identifying causes of distresses
  • Identifying pavement design parameters
  • Estimating pavement load carrying capacity/pavement classification numbers (PCN) for airfields
  • Evaluating the impacts of changing uses
  • Estimating remaining functional and structural service life